22-Year-Old Dies Loading 1.5litres Of Coca-Cola In Ten Minutes On A Hot Day

A 22-year-old guy died after drinking 1.5 liters of Coca-Cola in only 10 minutes, according to reports. Coca-Cola is something you and I both drink every day after a tough day in search of some refreshment. Do we even think of the gas from Coca-Cola? Is it that much risk? This man was doing exactly what we were doing, and now?

The Chinese guy drank the carbonated beverage, Coca-Cola, to cool himself on a hot day but rushed to the hospital a few hours later after experiencing extreme discomfort and stomach pain from the gas from Coca-cola. He was sent to the hospital right away. For the young man, though, it was too late.

According to doctors, ingesting so much of the drink caused gas to build up in his body. Later on, unfortunately, led to his death. When he arrived at the hospital, the anonymous guy had an increased heart rate, low blood pressure, and was breathing quickly, which worried the physicians.

What Does Coca-Cola Does To Your Body

He had a build-up of gas in his intestines, which was found after some CT scans. Hepatic ischemia is thought to have resulted from the gas traveling into his portal vein. It is located in the liver. This injury to his liver is considered to have been the catalyst for his death.

Doctors Just Couldn’t

Doctors acted quickly to save his life by extracting Coca-cola gas from his liver. Attempts were made to save his liver by giving him a medicine that protects it and keeps the rest of the body running. But the liver damage was too severe.

Professor Nathan Davies, a scientist at University College London, believes the guy may have had a bacterial infection, rather than the soft drink, as the reason, and that the drink does not explain why the liver’s oxygen supply was cut off.

In addition, bacterial infections are known to induce gas build-up that escapes into the portal vein, causing symptoms similar to those reported by the guy.

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