Afghan Filmed Himself Trying To Board A Moving Train

Afghanistan is now a wreck, the powers that be that governed the once prosperous nation before the Soviet Union invaded are gone. The American military and intelligence brainwashed the locals to, well, take what’s theirs and not let anybody up. Fast-forward to today, the Taliban has won. Taken over the central government and are ruling over Afghanistan.

The US Army has decided to fully withdraw, with the scared populace of Afghans frightened for their lives being under the new regime. There are very few planes for the millions of Afghans who wants to immigrate out of there. Most people are now stuck facing this new horror.

Afghanistan Is Gone

Most of the people from Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, are fleeing for their lives. With the armed militias obstructing even the basic of human rights. They have no choice but to leave the country. Who will accept them, however, is another question. Afghanistan has over 30 million people in the country. With so many neighboring countries, very few are willing to help. Not even Bangladesh can help, not with the current Rohingya situation we’re dealing with.

Afghans, leaving Afghanistan in US cargo planes

People are running, taking families to board the US cargo planes to leave the country once and for all. But only a few managed to get onboard. While thousands if not millions are left stranded. First world countries, like Canada, are willing to accept the new immigrants, same with Europe. The US is yet to accept thousands of them.

Chasing A Plane

An Afghan man with his group and the driver of the car started chasing after planes to board them. These are travel planes from Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul, Afghanistan with hundreds of thousands of people swarming them. But there are cargo planes from the US. Military as well within the airport strip. People are not even taking safe distance from planes landing. Things have gone very awry.

Warning: the video below is very loud, lower the volume

The situation keeps getting worse. The people whom are stuck, meanwhile, are protesting against the Talibans while waving their flags. This didn’t end well. The Talibans retaliated by shooting at them. Firing weapons at the streets.

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