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Customers Vanished As The Taliban Issues A Warning Against Beard Trimmings To Barbers

Barbers in Afghanistan’s Helmand region have forbidden from shaving or trimming beards by the Taliban. Moreover, claims it violates their role of Islamic law. According to a source, the Taliban’s religious police in Helmand province warned barbers that if they discover trimming or cutting beards, they will definitely punished, citing their interpretation of Sharia law.

Sources reported on Sunday that the instruction was written on a letter displayed in salons across the region. According to the source, men’s grooming in the nation has altered since the Taliban took power. Although some hairdressers were instructed to “stop copying American patterns.”

Barbers in Helmand, Afghanistan claim that since the Taliban gained power, their clients have almost vanished. Because men refuse to trim their hair or beards in line with the Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islamic law.

Taliban Barbers

One barber, who has been cutting hair for 15 years, told the broadcaster that it is becoming a “forbidden profession.”

Afghans and the rest of the world have been watching to see if the Taliban will recreate its brutal rule of the late 1990s since they overtook Kabul on Aug. 15 and took control of the country. Many fear that the Taliban would reverse two decades of progress made by women and ethnic minorities while limiting the work of journalists and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

“The fighters constantly coming and demanding us to stop cutting beards”

A Barber From Kabul

“They said they may send undercover inspectors to catch us”

“If it is discover that a barbershop or public bath has shave someone’s beard or played music, they will deal with according to Sharia rules. And they will not have the right to complain.”

Later on, Ahmadullah Wasiq, the deputy chairman of the Taliban’s culture committee, denied that the organization issued the notification prohibiting beard cuts. Stating on Twitter that “approval has not acquired” by authorities to deliver the warning.

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