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A new COVID-19 variation named Mu is being tracked by the World Health Organization to prevent immunity from vaccinations and previous illnesses. In Colombia, in January, the variation also called B.1.621 was first found. It was now found in 43 countries and added on Monday to the list of “varieties of interest” for the WHO. Globally, there have been more than 4,700 cases with the Mu variation.

“The variant of Mu features a constellation of mutations indicating possible immune escape characteristics”

WHO wrote in its weekly COVID-19 update on Tuesday.

The preliminary data proves that the Mu variant may evade antibodies at beta-like doses. WHO stated this, but further research is require. The Beta Variant, also called B.1.351, originally found and it is observe the capacity to escape vaccinations in South Africa.

Are Any Vaccines Strong Enough For The Mu Variant Yet?


The WHO monitors nine variations with genetic mutations to make them more communicable, to make them more severe, and to escape vaccinations. The delta version, now a predominant strain of the virus in the USA and throughout the world. This summer has brought an increase in cases and clinics.

Very little research presently examines the Mu variant. Since research is all underway at the beginning of this specific variety. It is too early to determine whether the strain is more transmissible or worse than other variants.

Although the Mu strain is not yet classified as a ‘variant of concern’ by WHO (which means it is monitor more closely than a variant of interest). The mutations found in the B.1.621 strain could have “a synergistic impact on attributes. Such as reduction of vaccine-induced protection from severe disease, increased transmissibility,” according to one pre-print study.

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