Garry Turner Holds The Guinness Record For The Stretchiest Skin Since 1999

Garry Turner’s extraordinary talent may make some people itch. His skin, however, has earned him the title of Guinness World Record holder. Turner has a connective tissue disease that affects his skin, ligaments, and internal organs.

The collagen that strengthens the skin and determines its elasticity becomes faulty in this disorder, leading to the loosening of the skin and ‘hypermobility’ of the joints, among other problems.

Because of his unusual medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, he can stretch his skin to incredible lengths. He can extend his neck skin so far that it practically covers half of his face.

“Anywhere that has tons of skin is ideal – belly, neck, arms, etc.,” he said when asked whether there are other places of his skin that stretch. Hands and feet are the only parts of the body that aren’t very flexible. Stretching is completely painless. Other elements of the condition, such as joints, are, nonetheless, extremely painful.”

Garry Turner Before Holding The Guinness World Record

Garry Turner was born in the United Kingdom in 1971 in Caistor, Lincolnshire. He was aware of his super-stretchy skin from an early age, unlike other superhumans who don’t understand their powers until they’re older. His ten-year-old uncle would show off his incredible skin-stretching skills to his pals when he was just four years old. Garry ‘Stretch’ Turner could tell he was unusual based on their reactions.

He enjoyed athletics throughout his school years, but he struggled with injuries, which would increase and refuse to heal over time, and if he cut himself, he would lose so much blood that you’d believe he’d been attacked by a shark.

Doctors finally discovered the reason of his stretched skin, which had been the envy of ten-year-old boys worldwide, when he was thirteen years old: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare genetic illness that affects about one in every 10,000 individuals.

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