Hospital Accidentally Used Toilet Water As Drinking Water For 30 years

According to a bizarre occurrence reported in the media last month. A hospital in Japan “accidentally” used simply treated toilet water as drinking water for almost 30 years.

Osaka University disclosed on October 20 that some tap water pipes in specific places of the school’s department were place incorrectly. Resulting in the drinking water pipes being attach to the lavatory, according to the Japanese news outlet Yomiuri Shimbun.

To make matters worse, the problem has been for more than 30 years. Since the hospital’s inception in 1993, and 120 taps have got discover to be faulty.

The toilet water was surprisingly flowing to 120 taps, which were utilize for drinking, handwashing, and even gargling.

When the hospital was complete in 1993, an error in connecting pipes caused the problem.

Despite the fact that the problem had been for a long time. No one was aware of it until the hospital was preparing to build a new diagnosis and treatment center. During which an inspection revealed the problem.

According to sources, the hospital checks the color, taste, and smell of water once a week. Based on existing data, hinting that there hasn’t been an issue since 2014.

During the inquiry, the university has previously said that no health risks were discovered. However, Director and Vice President Kazuhiko Nakatani apologized for instilling fear in thousands of former patients and employees.

He expressed regret, saying, “I am really sorry that the university hospital, which provides excellent medical treatment, has created worry.”

The university’s 105 buildings use only treated well water, according to the director. Nevertheless, also stated that the school will also check the connection of their water pipes on a regular basis.

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