Man Calls 999 Asking For A Lift After Missing A Bus

Essex Police have slammed improper 999 calls after a man called to seek a lift home after missing his bus. A police agency has disclosed some of the most bizarre requests. It has received from citizens dialing 999 in non-emergency situations. Before terminating any call, call handlers provided “words of advice,” he added but urged individuals to evaluate whether their circumstances required an immediate police response.

Chief Inspector Ian Gennery, the control room’s chief, claimed the great majority of the calls were from individuals in actual danger. And that his staff will never terminate a call without giving assistance. However, a concerning number of calls are not emergencies, he added. And urged people to evaluate if their circumstances required an immediate police response.

Call 999 For A Pizza?

Other time-wasting calls reported by police included a girl who contacted 999 after being entangle in stinging nettles. And a guy who called twice to request a pizza before hanging up.

“If it doesn’t, there are a variety of additional options available, as well as a wealth of information on our website. You can contact someone via the 101 system, our website’s live chat option, or by submitting an online report.

“But if you do need police urgently, and you’re in trouble and need help, call 999 but not when you need a lift.”

“I also had someone contact me because they couldn’t get their partner home because he was too drunk,” one officer added. I was verbally insulted when I calmly stated that this was not something the police could assist with. “Regardless of their reasoning, everyone knows that you don’t phone 999 for a cab or a pizza. It’s a matter of common sense.”

Whatever is going is very wrong and for a single prank call of yours, someone may die. So keeping that in mind is very important and when life is at stake, pranking calls aren’t actually prank.

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